Location is everything. Your realtor said it, but did she know the same is true when it comes to internet marketing? SEM is the online equivalent of leasing desirable, high-traffic space where your target market likes to shop.

Successful internet marketing requires more than just having a website. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) places your business in front of searchers that are willing to pay for the goods and services you offer. Without SEM, businesses generally only show up in search results when someone searches for their business name. That’s great for people who already know who you are and what you sell but that’s not enough for most businesses.

There are six components of marketing that every business operating in the 21st century needs in order to be successful and to have a hugh online presence. has developed compelling services for each.

Having your business possessed some of these marketing strategies is a great start, however, it really only scratches the surface. The search engine results page is a crowded place. Most businesses maximize their search engine marketing effectiveness when they appear high in each of the six areas at the same time. Getting significant real estate on the search engine results page requires an integrated approach to keyword selection and optimization efforts.

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